Do what you can do, leave the rest!

OK, so I have spent a crazy amount of time configuring DNS settings and generally getting myself a little more clued in with the whole domain and hosting arenas. I think I have realized how happy I remain at building suits! As always in life, my mantra today is LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS! 

Also, "you get what you pay for"...meaning, I probably should have just shelled out for someone else (who actually knows what the H they are doing) to get my little site up? For all my lovely swimmers, you want me sticking to suits! I always work more hours than the budget allows, I cannot let details like rhinestones go, I am simply crazy for what I do and will always go the extra 3,000 miles for my athletes/coaches!

Thanks for your patience while we have been offline....

Pardon our web absence

I pay one  company for my domain name, I pay yet another for the use of their web design software, adobe to use their drafting software and so on. Something tells me this is all hideously inefficient. Furthermore, annoying, when I have suits sitting on my tables needing attention!

Tonight, I have to face the demons of the www and get a new site up!